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The Juice Magazine is a new publication being brought together by a group of young graduates and students, with a background in the arts. The focus of the magazine is to represent and support the growing community of emerging artists in Leeds and the wider area of West Yorkshire.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Coming Up!

We're working hard on Issue #02 of The Juice Magazine, so here's a little teaser of things to come....

Helen Shaddock

Jonny Packham
Luke Steers

As Jimi Hendrix sat in the recording studio he plucked freely at his guitar strings. The notes that came out constructed a raw yet beautiful melody which those with an ear for a tight bit of blues rock would appreciate for it's divinity. The question is, how did this guitar great compose such delicious riffs? As Leonardo Da Vinci stared at his empty canvas, what inspired him to construct a painting such as Mona Lisa? The answer is they tapped into their inner creativity. An attribute of the soul, of our imaginations, engrained in our human fibre....

I hope these tasty morsels have wetted your appetite for the second issue!

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