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West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
The Juice Magazine is a new publication being brought together by a group of young graduates and students, with a background in the arts. The focus of the magazine is to represent and support the growing community of emerging artists in Leeds and the wider area of West Yorkshire.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Submissions Brief

With our first issue we have taken inspiration from our own position in life and chosen a theme to reflect this, ‘Part time job, Full time artist’.

Thinking of Van Gogh vs Hirst, how do we manage life as an Artist and support the creative path we choose? Do we compromise on our ideals to sustain an art practice? Can we effectively manage our earning time with our creative energies? Are there specific qualities that can separate one art graduate and elevate them to success whilst their contemporaries struggle to make ends meet?

This open brief is what we are hoping you will respond to. We are looking for submissions from artists, writers, photographers, illustrators, designers and anyone creative, who can respond to this brief. The one stipulation on this brief is that you must be living, studying or working in West Yorkshire. Also please be aware that we are only printing in black and white, so any images need to be appropriate for this medium.

All submissions should be sent to

We can’t guarantee that we’ll use every submission, but we will endeavour to where we can. And we will always keep you in mind for future submissions.

If you don’t feel you have anything to contribute but you would like to know more about us then please feel free to get in touch as well.